Dan Stockwell, Technologist

After studying Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, Dan moved to Humboldt County in 1994.  He recieved his degree, The Acoustic Sound, in 1997, and started JinRickshaw Productions, which provided sound, light, stage and architectural design for hundreds of projects across North America for over 17 years.  During that time he also held tenure as the Technical Director for Dell'Arte International and Humboldt State's CenterArts.  

Tinkerwell began out of Dan's desire to improve the safety and usability of Humboldt County's venues and vintage architecture.  Dan has made Humboldt County his home, while raising two kids, and is dedicated to helping the community thrive behind the Redwoods.

Dan has been an educator for the past 25 years, teaching at numerous schools including California Institute of the Arts, Humboldt State University and Mendocino College.  He believes that teaching through experience helps to empower the user of technology by removing the mystery first hand.  Keep checking back as we will be starting a series of online classes soon!

Instilling Confidence